Terms & Conditions

  • All charters, whether bare-boat or crewed, are based on an official contract approved by the Greek Ministry of Mercantile Marine and the Greek National Tourist Organization, the so-called Memorandum of Agreement (M.O.A).
  • This contract contains the rights and obligations of each party, as well as refund terms in case of cancellation.
  • All yachts are insured against damage to the hull, machinery and/or equipment. Third party liability is also covered. Nevertheless, personal accidents while on board are not covered and client has to arrange extra for this kind of coverage.
  • Instructions for boarding, plans of the marina, inventory list in case of bare-boat charter, provision's list and suggestions for your cruise will be communicated to you after receipt of your booking deposit.
  • Your flight details must be communicated to us sometime before your arrival. At a little extra we can arrange for your transfer to the yacht and vice versa. Following negotiations, overnight stay on board on delivery, could be arranged so that you can go straight to the yacht in case of late arrival. For Bareboat Charters at least two members in the party (one for smaller yachts) must be able to provide evidence of their sailing experience. A sailing license or a letter from a recognized Sailing Club or a Yachting Association will be OK.
  • For Bareboat Charters a refundable security deposit is payable upon embarkation to cover loss of or damage to the yacht and/or her equipment, plus any possible delay expenses not covered by the insurance policies. This deposit will be refunded upon safe redelivery and after inspection of the yacht.
  • Bareboat charters commence on Saturday's 15.00hrs and finish on Fridays 18.00hrs, charterers having the option to stay on board overnight and leave the yacht on Saturday 09.00hrs. Three to four hours must be allowed on delivery for check-in, and the necessary paper work. Time also must be allowed on redelivery, as client must leave the yacht in the same good order and condition as when delivered unless otherwise agreed.
  • Rates for bareboat include the use and insurance of the yacht and her equipment. The yacht will be delivered clean, with all machinery items in good working condition, and with all its tanks full of fuel and water. Charterer is obliged to leave the yacht in the same as above condition, therefore cleaning, fueling, watering, port charges (except in the base-port) and VAT will be for charterer's account. Crewed Yachts
  • Motor yachts having an overall length over 15 meters are obliged by law to have Greek permanent crew, on board, according to their length, their engine power and their passenger capacity. Yachts are manned with the most efficient and experienced sea-going sailors, English spoken, having spent quite a long time in yacht cruising industry.
  • Rates for crewed charters include crew's wages and food, insurance of the crew, the yacht and its equipment, pilotage and port dues within Greek waters (except Corinth Canal) as well as maintainance expenses during the cruise. Meals and drinks are extra and can be arranged as follows: (a) Client can make his own shopping with the help of the crew or, (b) half-board and full-board on a per person basis can be negotiated in advance. Meals will be prepared by the yacht's cook, if any, otherwise passengers can make full use of the yacht's kitchen facilities. Most Motor Sailers include fuel in their prices, while in Motor Yachts, fuel is extra according to consumption. V.A.T of 4.5% (9% for less than 3-days charters) is also extra and calculated on the contract price.

Booking procedure and payments
Once we have received your initial REQUEST FORM, we will give you our offer, suggesting as many options as possible, according to the peculiarities of your request. Upon receipt of your final decision we will confirm the availability of your yacht for the requested dates, and the necessary memorandum of Agreement or a Booking Form will be sent to you for approval and signature.

The yacht will be provisionally reserved for you for an option period specified in the said contract. Within this period you must return to us the signed copies of the contract, keeping one for yourself, and at the same time you must remit to our bank the 50% of the total amount of your charter. As soon as we receive your booking deposit, the yacht will be definitely reserved for you. The balance must be paid by bank transfer 4 weeks before taking over the yacht, or otherwise agreed.

In case of a last minute booking or a short notice request, instead of the said Memorandum of Agreement, we will send you our BOOKING FORM revealing the main terms of the contract. The original Memorandum will then be signed here in Greece, on your arrival.

Payments are made through our bank or by credit cards, giving us written authority to charge one of the following cards: VISA - MASTERCARD. Payments on the spot for any extra services provided, can be made in cash or through a valid credit card as above. If different currencies are used, payments will be based on the rate of exchange on the day of payment.

Cancellation Terms

  • If a booking is cancelled by the charterer 4 weeks or more before departure, any advance money paid will be retained.
  • If a booking is cancelled by the charterer 4 weeks or less prior to departure, charterer is liable for 100% of the agreed charter price.
  • Refunds will be made only in the event that the yacht will be re-chartered for the same period and at the same price.

Get Insured
In order to be protected from unforeseen events, we would strongly suggest, you take a special cancellation insurance cover, in case you have to cancel your booking before departure.

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