…a unique experience that everyone should taste…

Sailing yachts of all types and sizes with or without skipper, either for beginners or for experienced yachtsman

10.000 miles of coastline are waiting for you to explore them. Sandy beaches, secluded bays with picturesque little villages, crystal clear waters, sunbathing under a hot Mediterranean sun.

Sailing Holidays will give you a taste of adventure where you must always be prepared. Be a captain on your own sailing yacht and feel the sea and the sun, the wind and the waves. Make your own itinerary or follow your skipper’s advice. Go to places impossible to reach by conventional transport.

Take the correct decision while on the wheel and get ready to sail side by side with friends that you’ve just met. Be prepared to meet smiling fishermen at sea or share with your companions beautiful moments ashore. This is what sailing is all about.

Andros Yachting will offer you excellent and well maintained sailing yachts. We have a fleet of 15 yachts that we personally supervise and we have a lot more for competitive chartering. Experienced and at least English speaking staff in all our bases will take all necessary steps for a smooth check-in or check-out together with a continuous follow-up during your cruise.

Charters usually start on weekends. Embarkation is scheduled for Saturdays at 15.00 and disembarkation takes place on Saturdays at 09.00. The boat must be back in the base on Friday evening and charterers will have the right to sleep on board. About 3-4 hours must be allowed for check in and documantation before charterers are able to get on board.


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